Step 2 – Answer the Quiz

Please answer the quiz and submit the results to us

Take your time. You will NOT be able to change any of your answers. You will have to start over if you get any questions wrong. A completed questionnaire must have all questions answered correctly.

Welcome to your Training Questionnaire

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Where is the “On Alert” button located?

Should you check a commercial door, verifying it is locked?

In the video you just watched, what is the colour of the front doors?

In the video you just watched, what was the commercial unit number?

In the video you just watched, what was the house number?

What are you supposed to do if an area is not accessible?

When checking the front door, what should you look for?

When arriving at the alert site, what should you do first?

If there are signs of a break-in, what should you do?

What percentage of break-ins are from the front door?

In order to respond to Alerts and become a Tagger you must score 100% on your Training Quiz. If you did not answer all questions correctly, please watch training video again, retake the Training Quiz and resubmit your results.

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