How to Choose an Antivirus For Free

How to Choose an Antivirus For Free

How to Choose an Antivirus For Free 150 150 Michael Shvarzman

There are many stories in the news about millions of Internet devices being compromised. While a significant portion of these hacks are attributed to hackers’ skills but there are other elements to consider such as Read Full Article the lack of appropriate security tools. There are numerous free antivirus programs that provide robust protection against the most commonly-spread threats.

When choosing an antivirus for free, you should look for malware detection that is strong. The capacity of a program to distinguish malicious intruders such as worms, viruses or ransomware attacks from innocent programs is a crucial metric of its efficiency. You should choose a scanner which can recognize all kinds of malware, including rootkits and trojans and has perfect or near-perfect virus detection rates.

Also look for applications that don’t slow your system too much. In the course of a scan, or any other functions that are intensive, certain programs can seriously affect your computer experience, making it difficult to stream video or play games. Look for a lightweight antivirus that is easy to install, works quickly and requires few resources.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the extra features. Some antivirus software includes cleaning tools that improve OS performance, speed up startup times, and get rid of junk files. Some offer virtual private network (VPN) that allows you to mask your online activity to shield your privacy from scrutiny. The majority of paid antivirus programs offer 24/7 email or live chat support. However this isn’t always the case for free products.

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